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The procedure is simple;

  • You book your coolroom.

  • We deliver the cool room to your chosen location on the chosen date.

  • We setup and install the cool room for you at your location.

  • We level and stabilize the cool room for you.

  • We provide the Heavy Duty extension lead for you (generally 1 x 20m tagged and tested lead) and placed in a suitable OH&S standard. All we need is a standard 240 volt – 10 AMP outlet.

  • We leave the Cool room with you for the duration of your hire and collect on the arranged date.


Please feel free to make enquires. The hire usually includes 1 x 36hr period. (Friday through until Monday) This may vary subject to logistics.



We will provide tow ball locks and wheel locks and these will be in place on our departure.

We can provide a Padlock for the cool room door if required.



Our cool rooms are supplied on Single axle Trailers which are Fully Road registered and insured;  So they can be parked on the road or in a public place if need be.



Full Public liability insurances are in place for all cool rooms and Certificate of Currency can be provided on request if required.




The Cool room temperature is set at 3.4 degrees. However this can be adjusted to between 2 and 8 degrees to suit individual requirements.





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